Bitiq reviews: commissions, security and broker rating

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In this case we analyse the opinions about Bitiq based both on the offer they propose and the experience of users and experts when working with them. Bitiq is undoubtedly a fashionable broker, which has burst onto the scene in a very competitive sector and seems to want to find its place.

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By the end of reading this article you will have enough information to form your own opinions about Bitiq and decide whether or not it is a provider that suits your investment needs.

How to invest with Bitiq for the first time in five steps

Go to Bitiq’s website by clicking here
Open an account with the broker and fill in the requested information.
Make your first deposit. Standard accounts require a minimum of 100 €.
Go to the search bar, type in the asset you want to invest in (shares, currencies, cryptos,…) and select it to enter its file.
Set the characteristics of the order (leverage, stop-loss, etc.) and then click on “Execute trade”.
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What is Bitiq? A professional and powerful broker
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How to trade with Bitiq for the first time in five steps
What is Bitiq? A professional and powerful broker

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Conclusion: Is it a good idea to trade stocks and crypto with Bitiq?
Frequently asked questions

What is Bitiq? A professional and powerful broker

We are used to seeing American, Central European and British brokers advertising all the time. It’s rare that someone doesn’t know names like eToro or Libertex these days, either because of their intense public activity or because they are promoted by their users.

Bitiq, however, is one of the few providers that does not live up to this cliché. What is Bitiq? Bitiq is a professional and powerful broker that originated in the Scandinavian region, although its headquarters are in Cyprus.

The origin of the company is relatively recent, dating back to 2016, although in a short period of time they opened a market throughout Europe under the brand name Bitiq Ltd. (under which we operate from Spain) and outside of it under Bitiq Seychelles Ltd.

More than a few reviews of Bitiq describe the platform as more of a fintech than a traditional broker, as it has not only made an effort to offer a modern and friendly image, but also makes use of the latest technologies to provide a completely new user experience.

Bitiq account types
When you want to position yourself as a professional broker, one of the things you have to do is to provide good trading. To this end, there are three types of account at Bitiq that correspond to three different investor profiles.

The Standard Account: This is the ordinary account for the retail client, in which we will have 0% commissions, spreads from 0.7 pips and access to the Bitiq trader and Bitiq cTrader platforms. To open such an account you only need to make an initial minimum deposit of 100 EUR or 100 USD.
On the other hand, the Premium Account lowers the spreads from 0.1 pips and only applies commissions from EUR 1 million in investment. In this mode the initial amount is higher, 5,000 EUR or 5,000 USD, and in addition to the two previous trading platforms also includes MetaTrader 4.
Finally, the MT4 Account will be exactly the same as the Standard account, except that here we will only be able to trade through MetaTrader 4 and not with Bitiq Trader and Bitiq cTrader.