KMON Genesis Rebrands: Free-to-Play Mode Now Available for Web3 Strategy Game!

• Pink Moon Studios, a web3 gaming company, has announced the launch of a free-to-play mode for its strategy game KMON Genesis (formerly Kryptomon).
• The game allows players to breed, collect, and trade unique creatures as they traverse the KMON universe.
• As part of the launch, Pink Moon Studios is hosting a special event with exclusive digital collectibles available for completing in-game quests.

KMON Genesis Rebranding

Pink Moon Studios, a leading web3 gaming company, has rebranded its renowned strategy game from Kryptomon to KMON Genesis. This move significantly lowers the barriers of entry for players around the world to experience one of the world’s most popular web3 games.

Features and Benefits

Players will have access to unique NFT pets with randomized genetic codes that determine their physical and behavioral characteristics. Players will also be rewarded with weekly monetary rewards for completing in-game challenges and can rent out on-chain assets through Playdex. In addition, there is no need to purchase NFTs in advance to gain access to the enthralling KMON universe.

Community Event

To commemorate this launch, Pink Moon Studios is hosting an exclusive event showcasing its upcoming mobile MMORPG World of Kogaea. Players can obtain unique digital collectibles by completing specified quests throughout the event – but space is limited so interested players are encouraged to register early!

The Future Of Web3 Games

The introduction of free-to-play modes within web3 games significantly lowers barriers of entry for people all over the world who would not have been able to experience them before due to financial constraints or technological hurdles related to blockchain technology. With innovative features such as these coming into play, we are sure that more people than ever before can enjoy exciting and enthralling worlds such as those seen in KMON Genesis.


With this new launch from Pink Moon Studio’s comes great potential for growth within both web3 gaming communities and those interested in blockchain technology alike – it’s truly an exciting time!